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LilBeasts.com is the official kids’ portal to a fit way of life. We link kids, parents and coaches to resources to help keep them active, learning about being healthy, and understanding the basics of nutrition.  Our informational posts, coaching videos, classroom materials, and cartoon learning aids are all tools, which are geared towards the learning level and interest of kids. Whether your kids or students are Lil’ Beasts (ages 5-9) Future Beasts (10-13) or Beasts (14-18), CuzImABeast.com has resources to help deliver the best workouts, lesson plans, and long term programming.

While we do offer a ton of resources, workouts and tools for kid’s programs, but the Lil Beasts is not a certification-based company.  

Our Mission

To help kids, parents and coaches make fitness fun.

About the Lil' Beasts

The Lil’ Beasts are a group of monstrous rascals each with personalities of their own. Named after concepts of functional fitness, these little guys can be hilarious friends and classroom learning tools at the same time. Check out their backstory below:

Lil Beasts live in your “box” (a.k.a. gym), in the little spaces between the rowing machines, underneath the weight racks and medicine balls, above pull-up bars and in the ceiling near the rings.

Lil Beasts love to be awesome at everything they do!  They want to help you be awesome too!  Every WOD (Workout of the Day) you will do with them is designed to make you stronger, play longer, jump higher, run faster and have more energy!

The Lil’ Beasts are also very careful about what they eat. Good food will help you be a BEAST, and bad food will make you tired, lazy and sick, like Skeeter the Cheater.

Learn more about each Lil Beasts in our Meet the lil Beasts page

There’s a lot to learn, but each of the Lil Beasts is ready to show you the way! Remember: Live long and strong. Most of all, have fun!

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Coach Marc

Coach Marc has been an athlete all of his life. From his days in pee-wee soccer, high school football and basketball and growing up to being a collegiate hurdler for Texas A&M University, Marc has always had a passion for sports and pursuing fitness. He currently owns a CrossFit affiliate (CrossFit 915) in El Paso, Texas where he works with athletes from 5 years old to those over 60 to help them reach their goals.

Marc’s coaching credentials include USA Weightlifing- Level 1 Sports Performance Coach,  CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Kids, CrossFit Gymnastics, CrossFit Movement and Mobility, CrossFit Olympic Lifting, Outlaw CrossFit Training Camp, Chad Vaughn Olympic Lifting Clinic, California Strength Olympic Lifting Clinic and Ignite! Neuromotive Coach (in progress).

Marc is also a Sunday school teacher for over 300 kids per week at Abundant Living Faith Center where he has been involved in kid’s teaching activities since 1994. His mission is to help the next generation of athletes get their start in a safe, fun, and effective way.

Coach Amy

Coach Amy loves helping kids become the best version of themselves possible. As a former kid’s basketball coach and current Lil Beasts coach, she loves teaching children about sportsmanship, staying healthy and eating right. As a certified IYCA Youth Nutrition Specialist, she’s also on a mission to make sure that Lil’ Beasts know why it’s important to choose fruits and veggies over sugary distractions.

When not coaching, or putting her MBA to use running CrossFit 915, Coach Amy can also be found writing. As a writer for the CrossFit Games and a member of the South Central Regional Media Team, she is great at telling stories and typing really fast.

Amy is a certified CrossFit Level 1 and CrossFit Kids Coach. She has also completed the IYCA Olympic Lifting Instructor Course, Chad Vaughn Olympic Lifting Clinic, and in the process of becoming an Ignite! Neuromotive Coach. She is the Lil Beast Program Director at CrossFit 915 and WOD director for lilbeasts.com. She started teaching and coaching kids in 2002 and hopes to continue doing so for as long as possible.

Coach Ray

Coach Ray’s mission is to make kid’s laugh. He started teaching children as young as 5 in 1987. He has extensive experience in puppetry, acting, directing and pulling off a great show.

As a former substitute teacher, this Advertising Exec and CrossFit athlete has worked with groups of 10 to over 1,000 children at once. With a Bachelors in Advertising and a Minor in Theatre from the University of Texas at El Paso, he’s the guy that gives our Lil’ Beasts their creative flair.

Coach Ray and his wife Christina are also the parents of a couple of CrossFit Kids. Israel, 17, is a football player/ CrossFitter, who recently made the city All-Star team, and his daughter Genesis, 11, is a future beast who is serious about her WODs and loves to climb rope.

In addition to playing with Pistol (not the gun- the beast) and Deadlift all day, he also writes children’s books and runs Ghostlight Creative, a boutique advertising agency that has represented El Paso Children’s Hospital, Providence Children’s Hospital, and Adventures in Learning among others.

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