Cuzimabeast Lil Beast Box Membership Check it out! The Lil' Beasts crew can now be a part of YOUR fitness program. Becoming a "Beast Box" provides you with tons of fun tools that you can use to enhance your classroom and motivate your students. Stop trying to figure out what kids think is cool- let us do the work!

Sign up for our beast box program to receive:
Cuzimabeast Lil Beast Startup Kit

1. 48" x 12" Whiteboard WOD Sticker (for older kids and Lil Beasts)

2. 18" x 24" Rules Poster

lil beasts pro board

3. 18" x 26" Pistol's Pro Board

Adhesive Dry Erase posters based on skill proficiency. Kids names are added to the board and after the coach feels that they have mastered a skill, they earn a check in that box. Each skill is its own accomplishment. Once kids master all skills they become a "Pro." This is intended to help coaches organize WODs and give validity to the example response "today you will be doing air squats, you will be doing front squats, you will be doing squat cleans" without argument from kids. Space enough for 25 kids per poster.
Cuzimabeast Lil Beast monthly-benefits

4. Monthly Newsletter Templates allow you to alter info if desired

5. Lil Beasts Graphic Files include license rights for use on web and/or printed material

6. Wholesale rate for all CuzImABeast products including stickers and tshirts.

Pricing for “Beast Box” Membership is as follow:
$250 Coach's Kit  payment, allows for creation and shipping (US) of all materials included in your startup kit.
STANDARD - $69/mo - No geographic protection - 1 year contract
3mi(5km) AREA PROTECTION - 1 year contract - Price based on city population - Contact us for more info (no other  gyms may have license to little beasts within protected radius)
*Any previous lil beasts location within protected area will be grandfathered in until their license expires or payment fails
Interested in becoming a Beast Box? Fill out the quick form below and someone from our staff will tell you how to get started ASAP. Who knows, you might get a call from ol' Pistol himself!
The Lil Beast Beast Box program is not intended as a coaching or certification curriculum. Although we have some resources on our site to help teach kids movement, it is recommended that you have a properly trained coach running your kids program. It is also highly recommended that these coaches obtain a background check before working with kids.

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