By: Coach Ray
The same question, 15 times, from the same kid.  You are starving.
Have a good-sized meal in your belly before you start dealing with a class of kids.  It’s incredible how much a happy tummy makes you more rational, increases your patience and helps keep you calm. All of these attributes are crucial when dealing with excitable kids–and their picky parents! Of course, not all food was created equal when it comes to performing your emotional best in front of a tough audience!
According to, certain foods can actually increase your stress, while others are mood “supporters.”  Not surprisingly, sugar, caffeine and alcohol are big culprits that can contribute to tension.  Water, vegetables, fruit and oil-rich fish help reduce stress. Milk or turkey are good sources of calming tryptophan.
A happy belly is a happy, in control, coach!

Quick tips:

Have breakfast
Limit caffeine
Drink lots of water
Coach kids on a satisfied stomach

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