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Game: Burpee Basketball

Check out Burpee Basketball!

Equipment needed: Dodgeballs, Upside-down plyo boxes, cones

How to Play: Make more than one team. Each team has a basket (upside down plyo box) and a ball (dodgeball). Each team starts a certain distance away from the basket, depending on age/ability. To begin, the first person must do a burpee before he/she shoots. The first player must get his or her own rebound while the next person in line starts their burpee. Once rebounded the ball is passed to the next person. Once a player makes it at the first cone, the team can attempt to shoot from the second cone (which is placed further back). Once someone makes it at the second cone, the team moves back to the third cone. Repeat, returning back to the first cone. The first team to make it all the way to cone three, and back!

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