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Kids Class Organization: Rule #1 Prepare

By: Coach Ray

Kids are ready to have fun! Parents are ready to support a culture of fitness for their kids! Does Coach have her stuff together?

While a group of kids in a gym environment can be easily distracted, they can also be relatively focused and constructive if properly organized and challenged. I’ve found that a coach that 1) prepares the content, 2) has a plan and 3) persistently communicates that plan can command the attention of even the most “energetic” groups!

1. Prepare
Over the course of a one hour warm up, skill, WOD and game, it’s easy to inundate kids with “helpful” information and instructions. Don’t do that. Overloading kids with facts and lecture will cause them to lose focus and increase unruly behavior.

Instead, use the Rule of Three: People best remember new bits of information in groups of three. One fact about nutrition, one rule about a new movement and one benefit of that movement is sufficient for one hour. Repeat these three points throughout your entire class.

It’s true that as a coach, you should be prepared to answer any questions for parents (or inquisitive children) should they ask. After all, your parents may be health professionals sizing up your basic knowledge. To that end, it’s better to provide limited information on a subject, rather than incorrect information. Try to avoid overreaching in your answers. When you are not sure, say so! You can always look up information later. Also, always have reliable sources ready to reference! Just remember to never say anything you are not sure about, or teach anything from an unreliable source!

To preserve class momentum and flow, answer detailed questions during breaks or after class. This is more of a one-on-one setting. You can opt to communicate especially relevant questions and answers to the whole class in the next session.

Bottom line: Learn much about your subject, but focus on three key points per class.

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